Protein Treatment Plus Flat Ironed Hair

I'd intended waiting till next week to straighten the hair and do a length check but I decided to use this week so I could have a roller set next weekend do a comparison of my hair; whether straightening it makes a difference!
My simple protein treatment consisted of one egg mixed with oils which was left on the hair for about 45 minutes without covering to prevent it from boiling. I shampooed once with the Creme of Nature Shampoo, t-shirt dried for 5 minutes to rid the hair of excess water before applying my mix. After rinsing out the treatment, I applied Dark and Lovely Anti breakage treatment (review coming up this week). At that time, I sensed the lights would go off so I t-shirt dried for 30 minutes to speed up the air drying process. 

When it was about 80% dry (3rd picture on the right-the one with shrunken hair), I realised it was shrinking up so I blow dried on cool air, section by section, and proceeded to straighten.

Looking at my ends make me, I applaud myself because I haven't had a trim in almost a year so I was so SCARED I was going to see loads of thin ends. Trimming off an inch won't hurt so that's what I'll do after the roller set next weekend. 
Additionally, this straightening confirmed an observation I've been making for some months now. Each time I detangle my hair, I see two textures; one thicker than the other ie the last 3 inches or less have always been thinner. It's been my theory that my first relaxer gave me a straighter look than what I have now. After that relaxer where the relaxer was put in the whole head (virgin hair), I've mostly stuck to the same relaxing techniques; applying the relaxing to only the new growth via smoothing it through the new growth, combing through once and rinsing right away. I don't sit down with my relaxer for a minute more lol and it's been mostly one hair stylist whose been doing it for me. Bottom line, my first trim had gotten rid of those thin ones so this next trim is actually getting rid of the rest of the thin ones. 
On another note, my air dried hair seems to be closer to texlaxed hair yet it's not textlaxed. What do you think?
I couldn't get a lot of the straight hair because by the time I'd finished taking the first shot, the lights were out but this is what I struggled to get this morning!
 Thanks for reading this lengthy post! Have a blessed week. Check out my Curly Afro post! 


  1. My hair doesnt respond well to protein
    but congrats on your progress I need to dust my ends too.

    1. There are light protein treatments you could try eg Organic root stimulator replenishing conditioner or vitale hair mayonnaise.

  2. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Great progress....a light trim is all you need....great to know you have a stylist who can do it well.


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