My First Henna Treatment (Relaxed Hair)

Yesterday was a special hair day! Want to do what happened?  I was so excited and eager to try the henna I purchased from Tamale. This henna is known as dziel and according to the lady who helped me make a choice, this is the finest quality. One bowl cost 6.50gh ($3)!

To start the process, I, initially wanted to do a strand test but that didn't work out. Why? I measured about 4 tablespoon full of the henna, poured in some lukewarm water mixed with 2 teaspoon full of diluted apple cider vinegar and covered with 3 shopping bags for 5 minutes whilst searching for my conditioner. By the time I checked, I had a full container of the henna! The little was more than a lot; I added about half cup of conditioner and stirred the mixture well. I sectioned the hair into four and realised it wouldn't hurt to take the risk and do the whole head. I applied the henna, section by section- I couldn't take pictures of this mix because I had protected my hands with a glove and since I couldn't find one of my gloves I improvised with a black poly bag and tied it down with a head band. I stood in front of my mirror and did the application.

I covered the hair with a two shopping bags, an old shower cap and finally, with an old scarf!

When it came to the washing, I had a blackout which was a blessing because I filled a bucket with water and washed outside the house; my neighbours couldn't see what I was doing- I didn't want to be the talk of the day lol. Besides, I needed to protect my bathroom and kitchen sinks! When I thought I'd rinsed enough of the henna out, I went in to continue the wash in the bathroom with a rechargeable lamp as my friend. My hubs was busily enjoying his nap so I could wash without "peering" eyes. lol.
After washing for about 10 minutes, I applied HEHH conditioner and Dark and Lovely Anti breakage treatment in order to wash out the remaining henna whilst detangling with the flowing water. At the end, I slapped on more conditioner and went to bed with the hair covered with a shower cap.

This morning, I rinsed, added S-curl and since I had to go for a meeting, I applied heat protectant and blow dried on cool.

 I know I need a trim but I'll do that next week after the length check.
My Verdict: Likes

  • My hair was indeed strengthened such that I saw about just 2 strands of hair after detangling!
  • It felt so soft that I wished it would stay that way forever so the transitioning goes smoothly
  • The highlights were ok for me because I've always wanted colour in the hair but not one that will show through so I'm definitely going to do more henna treatments
  • I couldn't differentiate between the new growth and the relaxed hair because the new growth was so supple.
  • Took a lot of rinsing to get it out of the hair plus about 3 buckets of water to do the rinsing. On top of that, the henna wasn't so smooth in texture so I had some stuck in the hair which took  more rinsing to get out. I'll blend the rest for the next use. If you want to do this, make sure your tap is flowing :)\
I'll record the next time treatment for those who requested a video!!
What do you think?


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