Ghanaian Hair Company: Haven Organics!

--> On numerous occasions, I’ve bemoaned the unavailability of products suited to natural hair care in Ghana. However, this trend is changing with the presence of women who have taken matters into their own hands and have decided to formulate products to cater for our hair needs.  Meet Angela Owusu of Haven Organics!
When was your company established?
I officially started this range in January of this year but I had another range out since 2010
Tell us about the motivation/inspiration for starting the company?
I have been making products as a hobby for years now as I was never satisfied with what was out there in the market. I had issues with hairdressers especially when I was relaxed and soon began to realise I knew more about my hair than they did! and as I did my years of extensive research on hair and ingredients I began to see that it could be more than just a hobby and I could actually make a living out of this so why not share what I head learnt with other fellow women?
But when I went natural that was when the seismic shift in my thinking about hair, culture and my identity occurred. I felt more confident in pursuing a business that catered only for black women as before, I was very unsure about the black hair care market and where I fit in it however, when I was embarking on my previous range for colour treated hair I received a lot of interest from natural women, even though the range wasn’t specifically catered towards them so I then realised that there was a market for a premium hair care brand for afro hair.
However, my main motivation for starting this range was because not only are there a tiny amount of black owned brands worldwide  but almost zero catering for natural hair types  and nothing  with natural and organic ingredients like my  range. And of course I don’t need to tell you about the non existent ones in Ghana! It was a natural (pardon the pun!) progression for me and just made sense to create a natural hair care range seeing as I was now a naturalista myself!
Although I understand many naturals make their own products and that’s great it is however partly due to the lack of products catering to us in the market place and in my opinion its also very dangerous for us Africans to leave the door open for foreign companies to exploit that market knowing they have no competition.
I hope to make it more competitive for these companies so that they can’t monopolise the black hair care market.
Share your company’s goals/visions for ladies on hair care journeys?
My ambition for this company is to make it a well known brand on the continent. Women will choose Haven organics above and beyond the western and foreign brands and feel proud that there is a quality Ghanaian brand that is competing on a global stage. I want the women who chose to buy and use Haven organics to feel special, and I want to create a rapport with them as I understand their issues with hair, as I too am an African woman with coily textured hair.
Afro hair I have discovered, is the most beautiful and versatile texture on the planet! and I want to share my passion about our hair texture and pass it on, so that it becomes the norm to see African women with beautiful, healthy hair from all walks of life rocking what nature gave them. And yes, despite the myths we too can have long hair!
What are the products you have and what are they meant for?
All my products are meant to help moisturise and strengthen afro textured hair to keep it soft, supple and pliable so it is not prone to breakage, dryness and excessive shedding in turn helping hair growth and length retention.
At the moment I stock three styling products:  The nourish & smooth leave in milk, the curl polishing cream and the seal & shine finishing oil.
Nourish & Smooth Leave- in Milk: This is a moisturising leave in conditioner that helps elongate coils to prevent massive shrinkage; something that a lot of naturalistas complain to me about!
This product helps detangle hair so no single strand knots ladies! It has ingredients like slippery elm, and south african ximenia oil that help with the detangling  and marshmallow root that “stretches” the hair to its optimum length.
Curl polishing cream: This is a curl defining cream, as twists and twist outs are all the rage in the natural community I had to create a product specifically for this purpose!
The curl cream is a styling all rounder as it can be used for wash n gos, pin curling , flexi/perm rods, 2 strand twists and of course twist/braid outs. Ingredients like flax and amla extracts, create soft hold and well defined curls as well as intense shine, and unlike some curl definers or gels this one isn’t drying to the hair so you don’t have to use a moisturising cream underneath it.
The last product I have is called Seal & shine finishing oil:  This oil is great for sealing aka ‘locking’ in moisture into the hair cuticle so hair doesn’t become frizzy and dry. It’s packed with beautiful oils like castor, broccoli seed and brazilian pequi oil (which is a similar texture to palm oil) and the stunningly scented monoi de tahiti oil which is a combination of an exotic polynesian flower called tiare infused with coconut oil.
The next product I will be introducing very soon is a detoxifying mud cleanser based on bentonite clay. It’s loaded with lots of goodies including cocoa and banana extracts and smells good enough to eat! This clay cleanser is a great alternative to harsh sulphate based shampoos (that can cause dry/flaky scalp and make it hair brittle) as it clears the scalp of debris and dirt, helps boost blood circulation so that the scalp is healthy and the roots have a good basis for growth, is extremely moisturising and also helps create the most amazing curl pattern, making your hair easier and quicker to style! When it’s out you guys will be the first to know! And for any swimmers, it’s an ideal product to use to rid hair of chlorine. The clay even doubles up as a conditioner saving you extra time on your hair!
I can see that your products have a lot of natural and organic ingredients what made you decide to use them?
I have tried to create an ethical brand as I am passionate about organic and ingredients.  Some suppliers can lace their natural raw ingredients with chemicals so for peace of mind I tend to only use organic ingredients where possible.
I happen to believe natural ingredients work just as well as any so called wonder “chemical ingredient” in fact a lot of these chemicals are based on the components of these ancient herbs and extracts.
We Africans seem to have lost touch with all the beautiful oils herbs and extracts that we have at our disposal, and seem more interested in the chemical based brands that often use cheap, crude and dangerous materials when in actual fact, the natural ingredients are much better for your hair and ultimately for your health. Unfortunately they tend to be more expensive for these reasons however, can you really put a price on your health?
Where can we purchase the product?
Customers can purchase online at
They can also purchase from June right here at the ghanaianemprezzstore  (free delivery anywhere in Accra)!

Where can we find you?
Call me: +44 07768861086
My email address is
I have a blog that gives advice on hair care
Follow me @havenorganics 
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  1. pls how much do they cost?

    1. 25gh plus free cash on delivery or courier delivery!!

  2. I love her packaging very appealing. Allow me to disagree with the notion that there are hardly any products for natural heads in Africa or Ghana if you wish. If one is looking for commercial factory produced products then that is partly true. However there is an abundance of cheap natural products in Africa that can be used for hair some cost nothing at all. Shampoo-Black soap, Moisturizer-Shea butter whipped to your taste, Oil-Coconut, Olive etc, DC-Avocados, egg, honey, banana, yoghurt, henna the list is endless. I think most times as Africans we are so caught up with commercial products that we forget that we have just as good enough products in our backyards or kitchen.

    1. I agree with you but it's not everyone who wants to be a mixologist lol. Plus, time factor also counts when choosing products.

  3. hello lydz thanks for commeting on my interview i agree there are natural products out there however im comming at it from a different angle. Not everyones hair is in great condition and some need products with well researched ingredients that can target their hair problems also as i said before even if more africans did buy natural raw ingredients this is not going to stop the western brands from dominating like they already are. We support big western brands so why not african brands and help build the economy as well?

    1. I hear you:)As someone who is relaxed/texlaxed and uses a lot of homemade recipes which more often than not requires throwing ingredients into a blender and the mixture is ready in less than 2 minutes I just find it strange when people complain that there are no good natural products for hair in Africa. But then again not everyone may like the idea of food in their hair! I guess it also boils down to marketing western brands are very aggressive in their marketing strategies that's why their brands may be more popular and accepted in Africa but I love the direction you have taken. Keep it up!

  4. thanks lydz :) i use yoghurts and coconut and all those other yummy ingredients too but in ADDITION to my own products. Afro hair is fragile and it needs protien as well as moisture ( as you are relaxed im sure you are well aware of!) with the environment, contant manipulation, ie tying it back twists etc.. protective styling, as well as heat styling (I dont heat style but others do) afro textured hair needs regular treatements like deep conditioning as well as the basics like shampoos/cleansers to clarify it is very hard to find a natural raw product that will do this as well as the fact that unless you make a big batch it wont last very long not forgetting preserving it! i could go on and on but i wont bore you i understand why you would use natural ingredients if you relax as you wouldnt want to put more chemicals on your hair however, my products are over 70% organic and natural so that wouldnt be a problem also the great ingredients i use which are formulated to deal with all the problems afro hair can have such as dryness/brittleness/weakness and elasticity are not readily available in ghana.
    im interested in your passion for homemade recipes. Are ALL the products you use homemade? do you make your own moisturising conditioners, shampoos and protien treatments do you make your own styling products- do use gel and do you make your own?

    1. I only make homemade deep conditioners/protein treatments and use black soap occasionally as a shampoo I use store bought deep conditioners as well. My other products are store bought/commercially made. I use a lot of natural oils too. I like to have a healthy balance of homemade and factory made products. I think you may have missed the point I was trying to get across or maybe I did not deliver it as intended in my first comment let me give you an example. Someone in Ghana a country that produces Shea butter complains about the lack of Shea butter products in Ghana and then goes ahead to order natural Shea butter from a company abroad that has been smart enough to come to Ghana purchase said Shea butter, package it nicely and resell. There are some people who to this day think that the coconut oil packaged in pretty bottles that they see bloggers or people on YouTube reviewing is better that their virgin coconut oil sold at the market. That is the point I was trying to get across and it is people like those who have this notion that there are no good natural hair products in Africa while they have plenty of good stuff around them.

  5. oh lydz i see what you are talking about I know ALOT of those companies who do you think they are pitching to FIRST? Hair companies like myself as we buy in BULK LOL! I totally get you now of course its ridiculous to buy the same raw ingredients prettily packaged from foreign companies when you can buy local for cheap!
    companies are now realising that people make their own products and are selling their raw ingredients which are often as you say actually sourced in africa to consumers- marketing them like hair products!


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