Hair Problems :I Think I'm Losing My Hair!!!

--> After 5 weeks of protective styling, I did an overnight deep conditioning (Africas Best Hair Mayonnaise and Cholestrol) and spent 2 hours detangling and washing my hair with Pure Essence Tea Tree Mint Shea Shampoo and Conditioner.

Finished in 2 hours

I think hair shedding is normal for every one, but this much?I've been under a lot of stress lately,could that be a cause?I haven't used my Denman and Wet Brush in about 2 months. I don't know whats going on? Honestly, I'm panicking!!!I need help.Help please!!!

The shedding after detangling


  1. when you say "protective styling" I'm assuming you mean with hair extensions. Personally I think using hair extensions to braid natural hair doesn't protect it at all, it tends to weaken it. consider the weight of the extensions,the tightening of the roots by the stylist, the entangling of hair in the extensions, the trimming after braiding etc. another factor could also be the products you use. Most claim to be natural and good for natural hair but reading the ingredients and researching on them could prove to you otherwise. Then again you also have to consider how long you had the braids on for. I'm sure you know that naturally you hair sheds, however when its braided, the shed hairs don't have the opportunity to fall out because you don't comb it. so the 'hair loss' could just be an accumulation of shed hairs that are only now getting the chance to fall out. Detangling your hair will also cause excess shedding because of the amount of dirt you have allowed to accumulate on your hair follicles and roots during the protective style period. It could also be stress like you said but you can rule that out with a medical check up. I hope this helps

  2. oh my goodness! i complain abt my shedding but this looks huge tho, erm! i dunno what to say

    1. Suffering from same thing; its heart breaking

  3. I think all of that is fine when you consider the fact that you had a protective style for 5 weeks and one can shed up to like 100-150 hair a day. That very well can be 5 weeks worth of shed hair, not just one day's. Just baby your hair and wait until your next wash day/whenever next you detangle.

  4. Thanks guys.I really appreciate the help.

  5. wow that is a lot of hair! :- but i concur with kiki 5 weeks of braided extentions wiythout touching your hair would produce that amount of hsedding so i wouldnt worry about it next time you wash it and if its STILL like that then you can worry!


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