Keeping Fit: My Gym Journey!

Challenges are not my favourite but after nurturing my hair to this state, I've decided to fully concentrate on other areas of my life, most importantly, my fitness level. Last year, I began exercising with my SO which helped me loose weight but I want something more intensive.
To achieve this, I've registered in a gym (will put my purchases up on instagram or facebook). I'll also do a video on my gym experiences and progress. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel:
 I have no end date but I'd love to see changes in  3 months time; my ultimate goal  is a fabulous body like the picture above!

Do you want to join me?  Are you already on one? Let me know cos I need a partner for motivation!



  1. I need to get on a workout regimen myself. I keep trying to start back up getting in the gym but I can never keep it up. I need to start challenging myself as well. i have a goal to be super fit by my birthday in October.

    1. Great, i'll look out for your updates :)


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