May Goals And Major Hair Cut

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During the L4LPSC, I made notes of my ends and decided to cut of about 1 inch after the challenge (See this link for the reason)
I did that on Tuesday, 30th of April after getting home from work. I went over to my stylist whom I’d already spoken to regarding what I wanted the end results to be. She was very helpful because she didn’t ry to dissuade me from doing so; not because she didn’t see the need for it but she’s come to trust in my judgments concerning my own hair.
She did a regular shampoo, deep conditioned with QueenHelene Cholesterol (I have reserved this for only protein treatment days) under a hooded dryer for about 5 minutes on high heat. She rinsed, applied S-curl and roller set it.  I sat under the dryer for about 30 minutes. To trim the ends, she sectioned off the bottom part from the top and worked her way upwards. At the end, I got a blunt cut which I absolutely love for several reasons.
  • No more  thin, see through hair,
  • I now have an even texture all through the hair; thick relaxed hair and new growth. This makes it easier styling since I don’t have to find a way of blending the thin ones with the thick hair.
  • I can now focus on maintaining healthy ends as I’m not holding on to the length from rugged ends lol
  • More bouncy and certainly weave like appearance which I love

To be honest, I was scared of regretting the cut but after seeing the results, I’ve since felt so good!
 It also proved to me that I’ve gotten over a hunger for length.  After seeing my progress from the challenge and the length I’d gained in a matter of 4 months, I’ve come trust that I can always get back to the length but if I loose thickness, it might taking cutting to solve it. Thus, the focus is on healthy hair over lengthy hair till I get to Armpit length where I don’t need to worry about my ends rubbing on my neck or in the sweat around that region.

What it means it that I’ll be wearing styles that keep the ends away from the shoulders mostly 5 times a week, especially, with my new exercise routine. I’ve gotten some clip ins (will do a video on it) which I plan on using whenever I wish to have my length- of course, I’ll cornrow my hair and allow for a small leave out at the front!

It’s been almost a month since my last use of extensions- it’s not easy getting off that addiction lol but I’ll keep it up till it gets out of my system and only use clip ins on cornrowed hair. I'll have pictures of my cut up on my instagram and facebook pages!!
May Goals
If you’ve been following me on facebook, then you already know them
Drink 6 sachets of water daily = 1 litre like I did in January. The benefits I had were too awesome to ignore and encouraged by Nadege of relaxedhair health, am going back to that. So far, I’ve been able to do 3 sachets a day
Workout 5 times a week at the gym which I've also started (visit my facebook page for daily updates)
Weekly black tea rinses- need to get back to it to prevent shedding
No new hair product- I don’t have need for any product except to pay for the ones I’ve already ordered
That’s is ladies- let me say WELCOME/AKWAABA  to all my new readers; enjoy your stay! Find me on Instagram (ghanaianemprezz), twitter(ghanaianemprezz), facebook (ghanaianemprezz), youtube (EmprezzAbena)

Stay tuned for more updates!!!


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