Reflections: May Goals Gone /June Goals Ahead

Remember my May Goals?-link here. Aside celebrating my birthday, I think the month was filled with interesting happenings. How far did I go with the goals in May?


*I started my gym training on the 2nd and haven't looked back. I tried to work out at least 5 times a week though there was a week I did only 3. The first week at the gym was full of pain, aches, and torture-my body took everything in good faith without breaking down. Currently, I've lost some weight and I'll be checking how much at the end of this weeks so stay tuned on my facebook  and Instagram pages.
*Water intake-my calculations of six satchets being 1 litre actually turned out to be more than I thought. 2 satchets (500ml) of water= 1 litre. Now, at work, I take up to 3 satchets (1.5litres)  and I've been using a 1.5 litre bottle at the gym. Put together, I've exceeded my target by drinking 3 Litres of water daily! Surprisingly, the water I take at the gym doesn't seem to be enough sometimes.

*No new product: Major failure; I bought the ORS aloe shampoo to clarify because I've been sweating so much due to workouts which tends to leave my hair dry, resulting in moisturizing and sealing more than normal.  So I need to prevent product build up. Secondly, I bought conditioners for co-washing and for leave-in purposes.  I still have a few purchases to make:)
*Weekly black tea rinse: didn't do even one. I kept forgetting so I have devised a way of having it at the bathroom on wash days.

The other thing I've been able to do is not braiding in any form; my edges are recovering from the stress on it and my money is also resting. It's been a challenge staying away from those braids but co-washing twice a week has helped me in that area. Braiding won't be a good idea considering the sweat level.

June Goals
  • Continue my vitamin intake- I'm done with my first set so am going to start on the second set. 
  • Increase drinking water to 4 litres through daily green tea- I use it for its numerous benefits
  • Black tea rinses: to combat shedding as am almost 7 weeks post
  • Continue protective styling with my own hair
  • Do more hair styles during the weekend as my hair styles won't hold up during the week (talk about workouts)
  • Take a fruit a day- I want to replace all my soft drinks with fruits.
I believe I can get through these goals too.
What are your Goals?


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