Why I Washed My Hair Twice In One Day!

--> I used to wonder how I'd know if I'm listening to my hair and what it needs. Unconsciously and without meaning to,my brains and hands have done a great job noticing every change in my hair over the past two years. Now, I know it's not about deliberately examining the hair that counts; it's about how sensitive you are to it's texture, feel and look. Secondly, it pays to incorporate new products in your stash one at a time! How is this related to my recent issue? As far back as the beginning of this year, the only deep conditioner I've used is the dark and lovely anti breakage treatment. Additionally, S-curl has been the only leave in and moisturizer I've used.  I decided to get a conditioner for co-washing and when I got mane n' tail conditioner, I noticed it could be used as a leave in too. Since I'd given my s-curl to my younger sister to try, I was overjoyed with that addition. 

Then, I started using it 3 times a week, after co-washing and before sealing with oils. The first use at the salon left the hair quite hard but I didn't know why since I'd used a moisturizing conditioner to wash. I got some breakage so I decided not to use it as a leave in after a wash.However, I continued to use it on dry hair before sealing with oil. This week (on Thursday), I got a deep condition with the dark and lovely but without applying the man n' tail. Instead, my stylist used dark and lovely leave in and bam! Extremely hard hair such that we could only get a comb through it after picking a section for a roller. That's how we managed to get a roller set with that hair! When it was dry, we couldn't comb through without seeing hair all over so I did a roll and tuck and went on my errands.

After going through these scenarios, I purchased Queen Helene cholesterol, ORS carrot oil and one-step leave-in on the way home. In the night, I washed with suave almond and sheabutter conditoner, t-shirt dried for 5 minutes and added warm water to some QHC for 3 hours of deep conditioning. Next morning, I added the leave-in and my hair felt better!

I've, therefore, switched back to Queen Helene cholesterol for weekly washes and repurchased One- Step leave-in (my first leave-in). The wonderful news is that One Step has improved upon this product such that the consistency is like the s-curl, protein free as usual (review a few weeks time) plus, it can be used daily. I, then, bought the ORS carrot oil- don't be deceived, this thing is a creme. 

 I'll use the remaining dark and lovely sparingly and only for co-washing, follow up with Suave moisturizing conditioner and  apply the One-Step leave-in. When it runs out, I'll do the same for the mane n' tail. I'm going to stop looking at new products and focus on maintaining what I found to be working for me. The headache of a hair journey!

I'll keep you updated!


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