Breakage, Breakage And More Breakage!

--> For the first time, am really unhappy with the state of my hair in this stretch. The protein overload coupled with my mishap of having only protein based deep conditioners has thrown my hair into a nightmare.
1. I have a lot of new growth probably from using T444Z mixed with Jamaican black castor oil on my scalp at least once a week. That has required a great deal of moisturizing and sealing but that isn't helping much because my hair doesn't get the much needed moisture from deep conditioning.
2. My protein overload hasn't been dealt with totally since i think  the Queen Helene cholesterol with ginseng might not be a moisturizing deep conditioner
3. Because my hair is not well moisturized, detangling is a trauma!
To solve this, am incorporating baggy method to up the moisture.
Also, I'm thinking of investing in the expensive Keracare humecto even if it will last me only 3 washes whilst waiting on sheabeutimia deep conditioner-one being the hemp conditioner. If you know of any other moisturizing deep conditioner in Accra, please drop it in the comment box.
4. My rollerset (post coming soon) also created havoc and left me so worried about retaining any length this stretch


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