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Are you a lover of beautiful unique jewelry, then this post is for you!!!

What is DawnChilde?
DawnChilde is a beaded accessories label. Our main aim is to provide a bespoke service to ensure that our pieces are created with the customer in mind.

Sporting DawnChilde Accessories

What are your accessories made of?
Beeeeads, the more colourful and unusual the better and anything eye catching that can be strung up or attached to a hook really. We are very careful about the type of metals we use though, as they tend to fade or cause allergic reactions. Nylon threads, wire and plastic cords are what we use mainly for necklaces. These materials last longer.

What makes your designs unique?
I would like to say our designs alone are unique, however there’s nothing anyone can think of that hasn’t “kind of” already been done. Beading isn’t in any way new, it’s how the beads are put together, it’s finding new combinations, and that’s what we do. For example we like to incorporate Swarovski Elements when working with traditional beads, this is to create that cultural and age balance.

Do u have jewellery for every occasion?
Definitely, we create pieces for all occasions.

Your Contact details
You can contact us,
via Facebook: www.facebook.com/yourkeypiece

·         via Email: Dawn.childe@gmail.com
OR Call Us on 0285366243

Where r u located/where can we purchase your jewellery?
I work from home, and sell online via face book. Our pieces aren’t in stores as yet, mainly because it’s a bespoke service. However we provide home and office visits.


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