Ghanaian Hair Company: Sheabeutimia!

--> The last feature was Angela of Haven Organics. It's great to have wonderful ladies owning their own companies and especially hair based ones Remember my reviews of Sheabeutimia Hemp Moisturizing Conditioner and Hair Growth Serum? Well, today, I present to you the brains behind these awesome products! Jocel of sheabeutimia!

When was your company established?
Sheabeutimia was established in 2011 but officially started trading in April 2013.
Tell us about the motiveation/inspiration for starting the company
My journey into manufacturing of natural handmade products all started when I began researching into the contents and ingredients of major products I was using at the time for my skin and hair. Unbeknown to me, I was using some very dandgerous and harmful stuff which I only realised after my research. Thins inspired me to research more with the aim of sharing my knowledge to enlighten others. I succeeded in this and begon blogging about my gospel on using natural products for the hair and after a while led to the birth of my own business and brand “sheabeutimia

Share your ocmpany’s goals/vision for ladies on hair care journeys?
Sheabeutimia’s goal/vision fo rlaides on their hair journeys is predominantly to provid e them with the best natural products made from natural ingredients to aid their hair to obtain the necessary foood it requires in order to achieve a healthy hair and also to provide accurate information and bespoke hair care regimne to assist them with their hair journey through personal hair consultations and materials.
What are the products you have and what are they meant for?
Sheabeutimia has quite a few products out now which tackle mainly all types of hair and skin/body.
Hair conditioners

They are full of vitamins and essential fatty acids; they provide an emollient action on the hair thus softening it.
-          Helps thicken hair and alleviate dandruff from scalp
-          Heals with the help of Aloe Vera
-          Helps with irritation of the scalp
-          Anti inflammatory
-          Binds moisture deep into the scalp
Hair creams
Specially formulated hair creams to suit all hair types.
-          Conditions and moisturise hair
-          Make hair manageable
-          Strenghten hair
-          They are in 3 flavours; lavender, lemon and almond
Hair serums and Spritz
Our serums strengthen your hair and stimulate the circulation of blood in the scalp to promote hair growth and a healthy hair whilst the Spritz helps quench dry thirsty hair.
Facial serum: moisturises the skin, makes it feel smooth,c lean and helps with blemishes
Conditioning Shampoo
Our conditioning shampoos conditions, moisturises and softens your hair without stripping it of its natural oils.
It is sulphate free shampoo which contains botanical extracts and vitamins to help stregnthen your hair
Skin creams: They are packed with vitamins, natural oils and botanical extracts that will leave your hands and body soft, smooth and moisturised. The lotion is ideal for oily skin types or people who do not like too much oil on their skin.
Lip balms: our invigorating lip balms protect the skin and heal chapped lips.
Baby oil: Our fantastic top-to-toe Baby oil can be used as massage oil to moisturise the skin and hair of your baby.
Natural shower Gel: Specially formulated with botanical extracts, sheabutter and blend of essential oils to moisturise and refresh the skin. Also soothes dry itchy skin.
Where can we purchase the products?
Sheabeutimia products are available online at Those buying from Africa can make a direct contact to We have about three main distributors in Ghana who will soon be distributing our products in Ghana and we are working tirelessly to make contacts new distributors for other parts of Africa. The products will soon be available in some major shops and also will be launched on
Where can we find you?
Sheabeutimia is UK based and currrently manufacturing from Kent in the South Eastern part of United Kingdom. The main website is where all the information can be found. Our contact details can also be found on the contact page at the website and you can either make direct general enquiries on the website or at and also videos on youtube at We endeavour to reply/respond to enquiries within 48 hours. We  are also on


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