Keep Fit Journey Update 2: Progress + New Goals


With my first update, I didn't know what was in store for me but now, I can give you a run down of events. 
  1. Weight: 64kg (141.096 Ibs)as at May 7 and waist = 34 inches when hungry and 35 when full! Currrently, 63kg (138.891) and waist is at 33 when hungry, 34 when full lol.
  2. I tried to work out 5 times a week though there were days I did 3 through no fault of mine. The maximum hours I do is 2.
  3. My routine consists of 3 days of aerobics and 2 days of machines ie threadmill, elliptical and stationery bicycle.
  4. On the thread mill, I started walking at incline 0 and speed 3. Funny, right? 
    • Gradually, I built up to speed 6 walking at incline 0. After 2 weeks, I moved to incline 1 still walking. 
    • Then, at week 3, I started jogging at incline 1 and speed 7-8. I did and will continue to do what is called "interval" training so I jog for about 2 minutes and walk for may be 1-2 minutes. I did at least 20 minutes on the thread mill where I burnt about 100 calories. I run between 1-2 miles. 
    • This month, I've pushed to incline 2 at speed 8 and run 3 miles and above. My target for the June 1- 15th is to get 500 calories off in 40 minutes and move to incline 3 at speed 8.
  • On the elliptical (the one am sitting on), the training varied on a daily basis but the maximum time I did was 15 minutes with different cross training levels. I burnt about 50-70 calories .For this month, I've been able to move to 200 calories for the 15 minutes which I'll increase to 30 minutes. My aim is 500 calories in 30 minutes
  • I've also decided to add 30 minutes of Abs to the machine work out since my problem area is my tummy area. 

We'll see how this month goes! Any suggestions for me? What are you doing to keep fit?


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