My First Relaxer Experience!

I had to  share this with your ladies! It was during Senior High school 12 years ago!!
I was one of the "obey the rules" kind of girl in class but when we got to senior year, I decided to be a bit adventurous- I mean being serious all the time isn’t fun!
It was time for our first speech and prize giving day and most girls in the class had chosen what they were going to do differently, make-up, high heels including getting a straight hair lol.  I decided to leave my hair to grow to a certain level so I could relax it for the speech and prize day. I decided to get my hair straight for the day out of sheer adventure! Lol. Our educational system prohibits students from wearing long hair; always short crop.

I informed my aunt and she gave me the go ahead to do it- hey, it was a fun affair so why not? A day to the event, I got to the salon and told what the hair dresser what I wanted.  Since I was looking for a completely straight look, she left the relaxer on for a about 20 minutes smoothing with her hands and a comb at the same time. When it was done, I still had under processed hair!
She proceeded to use small rollers to set the hair with gel to keep the curls intact. It turned out great and I wore it to the event; the shock and surprise on my friends’ face was too great!! What a sweet adventure! So what happened after the event will get you laughing!
Our head mistress, who happened to be going round during the event, was informed of some of our adventures. The next Monday, she assembled all the girls in one classroom and hell broke loose with her pair of scissors! For the fact that I hadn’t had any negative encounter with her prior to that event, she spared me her barbering session and allowed me to go out of the school to get a crop.lollllllll
When I got home, my aunt couldn’t stop laughing!! And that my friends, was my first relaxer experience.

What was your first experience with relaxers?


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