Wash Day @ 10 Weeks Post!

--> Technically and as usual, 2 days shy of it!
Alright so as I said in my previous wash day post, I did my best to incorporate more moisture.

  1. Applied Vatika Coconut oil to the hair and covered with shower cap and slept- yes, it was 5pm, I was so tired and we had black out!
  2. When the lights came on (around 6pm), I sat under the hooded dryer for 5 minutes and hopped into the bathroom
  3. Now, let me share how I wash in the bathroom: I put my head face down under the tap in the shower! I picked my creme of nature detangling shampoo (see my review here) then remembered my target was a conditioner so I fetched my Suave Almond and Sheabutter conditioner (review up soon) and washed twice
  4. T-shirt dried and remembered I hadn't brewed my black tea so I did that, allowed it to cool
  5. Rinsed with the tea and topped up with Queen Helene Cholesterol (review here) and sat under the dryer for about 10 minutes- mehnnnnnn, I am falling in love with the dryer!
  6. Allowed the hair to cool down, rinsed out QHC and did diluted about a teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in water to  rinse the hair.
  7. T-shirt dried for a while, applied one-step leave-in and ORS Carrot oil; divided the hair into four sections and detangled whilst putting in flexi rods
  8. Sat under the dryer for about 20 minutes ( Need to get a holding product asap)

Lesson learnt:
  • Sit properly under the dryer so all the hair can get the heat; I had to go under it twice because a part of the hair was still damp apparently due to how I was seated
  • The whole process took about 3 hours because of the delay in brewing the tea; need to put a reminder on the phone to do it early
  • Get another t-shirt to use for absorbing water after washing and leave the other for after shampoo
How did your wash day go?
Am an affliate of amazon.com and will receive credit should you order through one my ads or links.  However,  I purchased both products with my own money.


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