Wash Day @ 9 Weeks Post (Carmen Hooded Dryer Experience)

--> Well, I know I haven't done a wash day post in a while because I've been in cornrows. However, that changed Yesterday!  I've been whining and bemoaning over my inability to do my hair without stressing over drying process if I have something special to use my hair for. Well, over the weekend, hubby and I went to the mall and I took advantage of that t scan through The Game to see what they had. To my surprise, there it was- a stand dryer but the catch was my husband had promised to get me one at the end of this month so I didn't want to get it. However, two of my friends including a reader wanted it so I went on to purchase two. The awesome news is my hubby got me one of the Carmen Pro Salon Stand dryer!!!
Yesterday (18th June, 2013) I put the dryer to use after getting my stylist to take down the cornrows which had began emitting the dreaded "extension smell". Hubby helped me set up the dryer; washed with ORS Aloe Shampoo twice using the bucket method and T-shirt dried for 2 minutes before applying QHE cholesterol, covered with shower cap and sat under the dryer. However, hubby was in the living room where the conditioning was taking place and I didn't want the noise bothering him so I guess I did about 5 minutes under it and just went about other stuff. I rinsed, applied leave-in and wanted to do a flexi set but looking at the time (10pm) I sat under the dryer and dried before rolling with the flexi rod set for bed. This is the result at the end of today!
I plan of an intensive wash day session coming weekend. Pre-poo, green and black tea rinse, :ACV rinse and a  possible braid out or twist and curl!
What do you think?


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