12 Weeks Post Relaxer: What A Stretch!

--> It's been almost 12 weeks since my last relaxer and this has been my most frustrating stretch though it's also taught me a great deal about protein.

At 11 weeks post, I resolved to  deep conditioning every 2 days with moisturizing conditioners to restore my ailing hair.  So far, I've done two days and this weekend's wash will make it three. I intended to do this for another week before relaxing. That means no relaxer till all comes under control.
Tuesday: At the salon; co-washed, deep conditioned under hooded dryer for 20 minutes with Elastic QPDPR  -11+ ( review upcoming). Applied leave in abduction got roller set. Hair  break reduced drastically.
Thursday: co-washed, applied Elasta QP DPR again, sat under dryer for 15 minutes, rinsed, applied leave in, added sheabutter and blow dried on medium heat( I was going out and knew the lights would be out by the time I returned. I didn't want to do overnight deep conditioning- the"why" is another story). My hair felt ok and by evening, the humidity had caused it to be a bit damp. However, before bed, I had an interesting thought which I carried out.
The last deep conditioner I used before the Mane n Tail protein overload saga, was the DnL healing treatment which had been with me throughout this year. Ok, if that didn't cause the problem, why didn't I go back to it when I decided not to use the mane n tail rather than purchase another product which compounded the issue? Am talking about the Queen Helene Cholesterol with ginseng. So, I massaged a great amount of the DnL and hoped into the shower.The hair wasn't super soft but for once in 2 months, it didn't feel like straw, wasn't matted, no clumping- I mean way better than before! Next morning, moisturized and sealed. I've been using vatika coconut oil (see my review here) then seal with sheabutter. I've also started ghe with the vatika and hope that helps with moisture. Throughout the day, I kept touching my hair; I'd missed that softness! I got a new cholesterol and hope it works this weekend. I also have a last batch of the DnL so yeah, am getting rid of products. On my fb, i remarked I'll be switching back to my goodies ORS replenishing conditioner and add Keracare humecto (expensive but i won't comprise my hair's health with cheaper yet ineffective products).
Saturday: Used my L'oreal  Elvive smoothing silk light shampoo. It left the hair well moisturised and though not a detangling shampoo, the hair didn't tangle or mat after use so I guess I have an alternative to the CON Shampoo if the latter isn't available.

I deep conditioned with Kuza Indian Hemp Cholesterol for 10 minutes under the dryer. Words can't describe my excitement with the results of the product! My hair was melting like butter as I rinsed it out- never experienced such softness during a wash. I jumped, screamed and just couldn't stop oh ahhhhing the product. I don't want to jump into conclusions so I will use it again before passing my final verdict.

Added leave in and sprayed the hair with water for rollerset. Afterwards, I applied coconut oil. See my current length.(Used the GHEZ length check and affirmation t-shirt).  My stylist says the hair is almost at 4 when wet :)

Overall, my breakage has been curbed and am truly excited. This whole saga was getting on my nerves!
Stay tuned for more updates! Call me on 0126347752 if you want one of the length check shirts!


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