June Goals In Review And July Targets

--> I thank God for our lives. In Him we live and have our being. Welcome to the month of July!! See my May/June Goals Post for what I'd intended for June but on to the review and July targets!

  1. For June, I'd determined to increase my water intake but that didn't materialize as I'd changed my water bottle only to discover that it could take only a litre of water thus  hindering how much I also take at the gym. That means I hovered around 2 litres daily which wasn't great. I've decided to just be consistent with the 2 litres whilst searching for a 1.5 litre bottle.  
  2.   Taking my vitamins: This was a total failure because I haven't gone through even half of one pack whereas the whole pack is about 3. I just can't seem to remember to take it so I've decided to set an alarm to take the vitamins every morning since I don't skip breakfast. So, in July, I'm working with an alarm to help achieve this goal.
  3. Maintaining my Gym routine scored 50% because I did 2 weeks, was down with a leg sprain for a week and spent some days attending to family matters which required traveling. In this July, I intend to do the days I missed. After that, I'll stick to once a week (Saturdays) because it's quite tedious working out after work :) I will go back to my jump robes daily because I can do that at home whatever time I choose to reducing the tendency to view workout as a torture and not enjoy it. If I'm not to tired, I cam chip in a week day workout.
  4. Next target was black tea rinse which I did only once. I discontinued when I experienced moisture problems (see here). Since I've had a new moisturizing conditioner, I'll make use of it again.
  5. Take a fruit a day- I think I did pretty well with this as I reduced my soft drinks intake and took every opportunity to take mangoes which are in season. I want to completely stay away from minerals and the likes and do more water.
  6. More hair styles/Protective styling: Stuck to my usual friend-buns since I didn't want to cause further breakage from any manipulation. The first two weeks of attempting to do various hair styles saw me loose tons of hair!However, I give myself a plus as I barely wore my hair down.
  7. A vital hair goal for the month of July is to increase moisture in the hair. Read my previous post to see why. I'm targeting deep conditioning 3 times a week using  Elasta QP DP 11(If I run out and it works well, I'll restock otherwise I'll try motions moisturizing conditioner )till my hair becomes balanced. Am able to tell a good moisture and protein balance when my hair is wet. If it's wet and feels hard, clumped together, then, it's protein overload; if it is soft and not clumped, I know it has enough moisture. Right now, it's hard, gets matted and tangles, and clumped together.
  8. Non-hair related goals are to get two pairs of foot wear and FC Blemish control cream as I've started working on getting back my face to its usual glory which had been tarnished by acne.
What are your July Goals?



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