My 13 Weeks Relaxer Stretch; What Did (Didn't) Work

--> I'd wanted to do this with the Relaxer video but decided it will be lengthy so I better pen it down. Flashback to previous relaxer: I cut about 2 inches off to rid Rhine hair odd thin ends. At 2 weeks post, all was well until I.added Mane n' Tail conditioner as it's both leave in an regular conditioner. Lessons? It's not about reading ingredients on th products but knowing what they do. To the best odd my knowledge, keratin amino acid wasn't a hard core protein if any at all! It was during one of the wash days that I noticed hard and matted hair. See this post on what I did.

To correct this problem, I got what I thought was another moisturizing conditioner-Queen Helene Cholesterol with ginseng. Again, this had keratin amino acids but it didn't occur to me then until the hair still felt hard after usage. Yea,  a serious OMG moment! See my breakage post. Then, I laid hands on Elasta QP DPR -11+ which I'd actually watched reviews on before purchasing. Most ladies claimed it was moisturizing but when I looked at the ingredients, I saw soy protein but because others said it was moisturizing, I didn't think it would cause more harm.
Well, it didn't do anything to solve the protein overload  but I'll give it another go with oils as I have a moisturizing conditioner to follow up with should it fail again. I lost so much hair till I met the wonderful Kuza cholesterol which rectified the problem immediately.  I didn't want to take chances with protein again so  during the pre relaxer treatment, I used the Kuza after the apHogee. Lesson? I did green tea rinse after rhetorically protein treatment and despite all the moisturizing deep conditioning, the hair.felt a bit hard. I bit the bullet and got Keracare which cost 45gh($20) to prevent matted and hard hair after relaxer treatments. I won't do tea rinses when using protein!

My goal for the next stretch is length retention so am going to be using Elasta QP DPR  once a month and follow up with Keracare humecto. For only moisturizing deepconditioning the wash, I'll use Kuza cholesterol. I'll be using one protein conditioner at a time till I'm through with the others. Now, I.have 4 strong protein treatments but the apHogee is my favourite. If you've been following on my Facebook, you'll know that am sticking to possible 5 brands; Keracare(leave in, humecto etc), ApHogee(2 min reconstructor) Creme of Nature/L'Oreal shampoo, Herbal Essence hello hydration for co-wash, ORS (replenishing conditioner).

Any new product that will be added will be from these brands. I do have a few products to review but I have favourites in that line already. I'll let you in when the time comes. In summary, this was the most awesome stretch because I learnt so much about my hair in a few weeks than in the whole 2 years of my hair journey!
I'll have a relaxer update video up this week!


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