My First Self Rollerset (Relaxed Hair)

-->  This post is way over due!

When I received my new hooded dryer, I decided to attempt a flexirod set but the curls didn't last because there was no holding product.  Hence, I decided to get a foam wrap-vitale olive oil foam wrap. I did a quick co-wash, applied leave-in, some of the foam wrap and rollerset. Sat under the dryer for about 30 minutes.

The curls turned out pretty nice but when i tried combing it out and my ends had knots and tangles. The only solution was to wash again but I wasn't up for that. Next morning, my hair felt hard, dry, stiff and worst  of all,  couldn't get it into even a bun. All the breakage just made me miserable! Yes, the foam wrap contains vegetable protein but I wasn't expecting that result. I think it's because my hair had protein overload already!

See the henna there!

I'll use the foam lotion when I use a moisturizing deep conditioner during a salon visit to see the results. 


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