Pre-Relaxer Preparations @13 Weeks Post!

See previous relaxer updates here. I don't change my wash routine before relaxing but the one key step that I deliberately incorporate is a protein treatment. It serves as a strengthening treatment to buffer the hair against protein loss during relaxing. During the week I did a moisturizing treatment with kuza cholesterol. I gathered my arsenal of products:
1. ApHogee 2 minutes reconstructor
2. Kuza Indian hemp cholesterol
3. One step leave in
4.Apple cider vinegar
5. Dabur vatika oil
7. L'Oreal  Elvive smoothing silk shampoo
8. ORS  aloe shampoo.
Mid week wash result
Before the salon, I pre-pooed with vatika coconut oil under a dryer for 10 minutes. At the salon:
  1.  my stylist washed once with ORS aloe shampoo 
  2. Followed with using the L'Oreal once. 
  3. Then, applied the ApHogee as my protein treatment
  4. Sat me under the dryer for 3 minutes.
  5.  Rinsed with green tea for a few minutes
  6. Rinsed with water. 
  7. Followed up with a moisturizing treatment -kuza cholesterol for 30 minutes under the dryer to restore moisture into the hair. Not doing a moisturizing treatment after protein treatment will leave the hair hard, crunchy and also breakage. 
  8. Rinsed with water and did a final rinse with ACV. 
  9. Got a rollerset.

I liked the ApHogee and my initial thoughts were nullified. I'll explain in my upcoming  review.
Here's how my hair turned out; I didn't let her comb it out as I don't plan on wearing it down!



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