Relaxer Update (6): Second Touch Up Of The Year!

--> Yes, I got it done during the week. I wasn't so enthusiastic about this one cos I had the nasty protein over load mishap and feared I didn't retain that much. At the end of this post, let me know your thoughts.
  • Coated the already relaxed hair with sheabutter
  • She sectioned the hair into six

  • The whole application took 20-25 minutes but this time, she didn't smooth as the previous stylist would; rather, she combed through only once and rinsed the relaxer off
  • She then applied a protein deep conditioner-ApHogee 2 minutes reconstructor and sat me under the dryer for 3 minutes
  • Rinsed the protein treatment off and applied moisturizing conditioner- Keracare humecto and sat under the dryer with a shower cap for 30 minutes

  • Rinsed the hair and neutralized with Easy waves neutralizing shampoo with colour indicator twice; leaving the second one on for 3 minutes
  • Rinsed and used Organic Root Stimulator Aloe shampoo once to wash to ensure the relaxer was out completely
  • Added One step leave in and got a roller set

New length- Please click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Here's the video showing my length

Overall, I'm grateful for the length I retained despite all the downs during this stretch! 
What are your thoughts?


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