Wash Day: Trying Ebony's Air Drying Technique

-->  It's a new beginning- almost one week post relaxer (see my relaxer post here, my stretching posts here, here and here ). I don't want to suffer any protein overload so I'm making it a point to use a moisturizing conditioner right after any protein deep conditioner I use. "Any" because I have products with different types of protein-Keratin to soy.Wash Process
  1.   Over night pre-poo with Vatika Coconut oil (see review here)
  2. Shampooed once with diluted Creme of Nature Detangling Moisturizing shampoo (see review here)
  3. Used a t-shirt to bloat out excess water
  4. Applied the Elasta QP DPR mixed with olive oil
  5. Sat under Carmen hooded dryer for 15 minutes
  6. Rinsed and t-shirt dried for 5 minutes
  7. Applied Kuza Indian Hemp cholesterol for 1 hour- was doing my laundry
  8. Rinsed and dried with microfiber towel for 3 minutes
  9. I detangled with a wide tooth comb and the soft, smooth texture I got just wowed me! I really love the kuza and will do the review this week.
I've been meaning to try Ebony's air drying technique for a long time now and since I have a hooded dryer, I used today's wash to test it
Air Drying
  1. Grabbed my satin scarf and bobby pin
  2.  Combed all my hair to the back 
  3. Pulled the whole hair into a bun so that the hair doesn't get caught up in the scarf when tying it down at the edge
  4. Tied down the edges with the scarf and released the hair down
  5. Sat under the dryer for 5 minutes, came out and shuffled the hair and went back under it.
  6. Once the hair was dried, I mixed sheabutter and olive oil together and massaged it into the hair
  7. Results? Dried, smooth hair! All the pictures I took turned out blurred:( I'll be using this technique quite a lot so you'll be seeing pictures of the results!


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