July Goals In Review; August Intentions

See my July goals! You may have noticed that I haven't updated you for a while. I'm stuck with work. I've been almost overwhelmed with a lot of things going on in my life such that getting my behind to create an update has been a hassle. Anyways, let's see what happened in July!
Take Vitamins: I couldn't do this again because I'd decided to purchase liquid one instead as swallowing the capsules was a difficult one. I haven't had the liquid vitamins though but I need it now more than ever as my body needs to recover from severe stress.

  • Maintaining my gym routine: I did that for the first two weeks but had to leave town after that. However, I've kept up with jumping robes whenever I have the time so I applaud myself for this!
  • Black tea rinse: I didn't do this as planned and now that am in a weave, I don't think it will come off this month. I'll use some rinse when I take the weave out to minimize breakage and shedding. 
  • Take a fruit a day: I still managed to keep up with mangoes but with where I currently find myself, there's no way I can get and take one a day. I'll purchase fruits that can survive for 3 days without refrigeration since I don't have a fridge in my current place.
  • More protective styling: Yes!, after my touch-up, I got a weave which I've had for 2 weeks now. On another note, I haven't done anything to my hair beneath the weave and don't intend to until I leave at the end of the month simply for two reasons; I didn't bring any product along and I don't trust that I'll get the service I want. I'm also too tired to attend to my hair on a weekly basis. I'm not worried about moisture because the weather here stays cold 24/7
  • I got the FC blemish cream and the sunscreen plus two new pairs of shoes!
For August
  1. Complete 2 research papers: This is the most important for me as it's about time I went back to my books so I'm working on getting some publications to ensure my place in academia.  Each month, I'll target a research paper and want to do so till the end of the year. That will mean having about  5 in the pipeline and at least 1 published.
  2. Maintain the weave till September and remove it. I'll probably be back in another one till November ending. Honestly, I don't have hair on my mind and so it's better I keep it tucked away
  3. Purchase a braid spray this week to keep the hair beneath the weave moisturized. I'll be doing that anytime I pop into the market. 
  4.  5 dresses for work. I want to focus on my fashion life too! 
  5. Get 2 pairs of sandals for work.
Did you achieve your goals last month and what are your August plans?


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