Wash Day @ 4 Weeks Post;New Products

If you've been following me on my Facebook page, then, you'll know that the weave is out for some reasons.
Anyway, after removing the weave, I, only got a shampoo and regular conditioner wash as I'd no product there. During the week, my hair products arrived from the US so it was so exciting this wash.

I also purchased Affirm semi permanent natural black colour as I'm not keen on the henna tone.
1. Last batch of CON shampoo and(my review here)
2. ApHogee 2minutes reconstructor
3. Keracare Humecto
4. Affirm semi permanent natural black colour
5. Cantu sheabutter leave in
6. Hawaiian Silky 14-in- 1
7. Borges Olive oil.
The Procedures
*My stylist shampoo washed twice
*Applied ApHogee 2 minutes reconstructor, massaged it into the hair for 1 minute, covered with shower cap, sat me down for 2 minutes
*Rinsed and applied ApHogee
*Rinsed and applied Keracare, sat me under a hooded dryer for 15 minutes
*Rinsed,sat under a hooded dryer again for hair to dry to about 50%.
* Applied affirm semi permanent natural black colour
* Comb the dye through
* Went under hooded dryer again for 30 minutes!
*Rinsed, applied Keracare Humecto for 2 minutes.
*Rinsed and added Cantu Sheabutter Leave in and had a rollerset
*After drying, she applied the hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 and some olive oil
I forgot to give her the Roux Porosity control but I'll use it at the next wash!
Before the dye!
I also got the chance to meet one of my readers,Priscilla!! Hi girl.
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