Wash Day; One Hair Goal Achieved.

I've really fallen in love with my hair again after weeks of fighting and trying to get rid of protein overload! This weekend wash was pretty simple! 1. Pre-poo with Vatika coconut oil for 2 hours 2. Diluted L'Oreal Elvive shampoo in a bottle and used it to wash 3. T-shirt dried for about 10 minutes 4. Applied Kuza Indian Hemp Cholesterol for 20 minutes 5. Rinsed the Kuza and T-shirt dried for sometime 6. Added Cantu sheabutter leave in and Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 7. Sealed with olive oil. During the week, I achieved one of my hair goals- A sock bun- which I wore for most part of the week.

1. On Saturday, I co-washed with Suave Almond conditioner and air dried overnight. 2. Sunday morning, I aapplied Cantu sheabutter leave in and Hawaiian Silky 14 in-1 and sealed with ORS heat protectant 3. Air dried for the heat protectant to get absorbed-Am doing this to see if not allowing it to get absorbed is what causes my poor flat iron results. 4. Re-wet the hair and did a flexi set, did some stuff and went under the dryer. See pictures on my Facebook (www.Facebook.com/ghanaianemprezz) and Instagram (www.Instagram.com/ghanaianemprezz)


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