11 Weeks Post Relaxer; Battling Rain

--> You might be wondering about the title. Well,it's been raining left and right every minute making my hair damp all the time!From my early morning exercise to late in the evening, my hair stays loose as it is constantly being air dried. My hooded dryer should be with me soon otherwise I don't know how the hair be like. The atmosphere is wet throughout the day! Am  thinking about continuing the stretch till December so I need to sort out the messy hair.
I've co-washed two days in a row too. My hair,regardless of the wetness, didn't feel moisturized after deep conditioning with my burdock oil mixed into a regular conditioner. I'd given out my kuza and other stuff and had intended getting ORS replenishing conditioner which didn't materialize. I co-washed the next evening ( hair was still damp). I have been using coconut oil more to prevent hygral fatigue as a result of the constantly wet hair. Then, I got dark and lovely cholesterol just to make sure that 3 weeks of no deep conditioning wasn't creating that havoc. I also bought Forever living ph balanced conditioner to co-wash. That stuff is goodddddd! My hair felt soft. I applied the cholesterol and used Hawaiian silky 14-in-1 as leave in. Sealed with coconut oil. I hope the hair dries by tomorrow.


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