My Burdock Oil

1. Emptied my bit of hydrogen peroxide from the bottle. Thoroughly washed bottle and tilted it to dry

 2. Then after a while, poured my last bit of Jamaican black castor oil ( coming soon to my shop) into the empty bottle

 3. Added a good amount of Olive oil to jbco

 4. Followed with dark and lovely billion hair potion.

 5. Dabur Vatika coconut oil oil(see review here)

 6. Poured about 4 tablespoon full of burdock root.

 7.Got my kettle boiling.

 8. Placed my mixture in kettle with both the lids of the bottle and kettle closed.

 9. Allowed to cool and sit for 24 hours.

 My first use was very pleasant because the billion hair potion scent had masked all other scent which is a plus considering how I detest the smell of the coconut oil. Even better, the oil didn't sit on the surface!! It didn't feel like I had oiled my scalp! Am in love with this concoction because it doesn't tingle!!! I'll keep up with at least thrice a week till am out of the cornrows.


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