New Protective Style: Cornrows

--> I got the cornrows installed two days ago and it wasn't an easy task for the stylist.My new growth at 9 weeks post relaxer is awesome  but getting the comb through for the parts was a great challenge. If I'll get another braid, I will blow dry the roots to stretch it.
That was my first time with this stylist and I'm hoping to "tune" her to healthy hair when it comes to handling my hair.
I've finally discovered why I can't keep braid styles for more than 2 weeks; The pulling I feel on my head days after braiding even though the braid won't be hurting. Let me describe it; the feeling you get when you turn your head a day after braiding or the pull even days later, is just not fun for me! I get more conscious of something being on my head!
Once I get that, which takes days to go away, all I want to do is get that style down! I have that going on right now and since I can't do my braids, it's going to be difficult solving this problem.
Anyway, I'm fully aware that this is a result of being tender headed so I won't mind my usual 2 weeks. Yes, I'm enjoying the freedom of not standing in front of the mirror to do my hair at least for some days. My lifestyle is now too crazy but it will settle down very soon. I wish I could share about my life but for reasons beyond my control, I can only share bits and pieces.
Currently, I'm doing a lot of reading to keep up with changing academic trends and that doesn't give me much liberty to do hair stuff but I'll do my best to keep this blog going.
How have you been protecting your hair?


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