Why I Won'Be Your Regular Natural...

When I was natural, I got my hair straightened once which lasted a full week!

However, I was scared of heat damage so I decided it would be easier to relax than be seen with heat damaged hair. Till date,that talk about heat damage and naturals"fake" naturals hasn't ceased in forums.

After all these years of reading, I've learnt one basic fact: People will always complain about the hair choices we make. Each time I read threads about using heat, relaxer all I see is people telling others what they think they ought to do and not what they could do. (semantics here).

I know one thing for sure: I love my hair  be it natural or relaxed but I prefer straight hair minus chemicals.  Simple. The long stretches I have are to reduce the excessive use of relaxer. I'll go chemical free but not your usual natural.

Why? My natural hair had single strand knots even at the short length and it drove me crazy. I have dense hair but fine strands. I haven't suffered any ssks since I relaxed. Keeping my hair stretched will be the best for my hair and I have definitely convinced myself about my decision to be chemical free in the near future.
My hair develops ssks in its shrunken state, matted and tangled ends greeted me if I didn't band before bed.
There are other problems I encountered but Won't delve into the details.

Am writing this because I have ladies who want to be straight naturals yet are too afraid of what others will say. Relaxed ladies like me are seen as self haters and naturals are regarded as being unprofessional etc.  I've said it before; society will never cease judging us as women and the important thing now is to achieve my vital and extremely important goals in life like getting a Phd. 

Whatever be the case, am not going to be your regular natural lady when I make up my mind in probably 1,2,3,4,5,10 years time  lol.


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