13 Weeks Post Relaxer; What's Going On.

--> Since I've come to terms with my hyper sensitive scalp, I took down my cornrows that I kept for my wig through the week! As if my head sensed my unwillingness to wash it this week, it started throbbing on Thursday night.  I'll be seeing a doctor for a check up/ explanation for this hyper sensitive scalp and my headache each time I braid. Anyway, am glad I listened to my hair because after washing it, the headache seized.
* Prepooed with Vatika coconut oil for an hour as I cleaned my room ( See review on my channel www.YouTube.com/EmprezzAbena )
* Detangled with Sheabeutimia Detangling conditioner
* Added VO5 conditioner and washed the hair
*Followed up with Creme Of Nature Detangling Shampoo( review on my youtube channel.)
*Rinsed with lukewarm water
*Applied Suave Almond and sheabutter conditioner
*Rinsed and t-shirt dried
*Added a brewed mixture of burdock root and green tea
*Didn't rinse but rather applied Kuza Cholesterol (review video will be up on my channel tomorrow)
* Left it on for  about 20 minutes and washed it out as I took my bath.
*T-shirt dried and applied my hair spray mixture of Cantu sheabutter leave in, Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 moisturizer, One Step leave in, Almond oil, Hemp oil, and coconut oil!
* I was in the process of air drying when I got a call to attend a meeting right at that moment. Fortunately, my friend has a blow dryer with comb attachment so I was done within minutes and was out!
Might take pictures for my Facebook page
How was your wash day?


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