14 Weeks Post Relaxer; Darling Twist

--> July relaxer hereWell, that's actually the name of the brand of hair I used for the twist!After talking a friend about my hair situation, she took me to her stylist who turned out to be quite competent.

The Consultation
First, to deal with the aches and pains, we went through which style would be the least stressful during daily care. She did something unusual- she pre-determined how she would style whatever hair style  I picked so I don't touch the style at all! I opted for twist as it's easy to manage.

For the hair to use, I made a mental note of all my braids and realised that the particular type I always used turned out to be too heavy  for my head. I mean those brands were very thick so when used for braids, they are put into hot water to soften it. That soaking up made the style heavier as it took days to dry. I asked her if she had a much lighter hair like Marley braids and she recommended the Darling twist. No hot water dipping!
The Braiding
For the braiding process, only the stylist did the parting and would braid the bottom for the other workers to continue. Why? To avoid pulling from different angles during parting! No painful scalp!
The process took 2 hours and I kept praying that I'd like this new idea of pre- determined style. It worked out very well, leaving me with this
How's your hair doing?


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