GHEZ Healthy Hair Feature: Michelle

Our feature today is Michelle who is a Ghanaian and liives in Ghana!

How and Why did you start your hair journey? I started my hair journey by mistake. A colleague from Senior High School had a blog and she interviewed ulovemegz. T thought her hair was gorgeous so I followed the link to her channel and that changed my hair story forever. I had long hair before University but when I got there, I got into the craze of cutting and always straightening hair so whenever my hair grew, scissor happy stylists will cut it all off.

Before the journey
What is your weekly/daily routine?

  • Wash my hair once a week
  • Protein treatment before relaxers and after taking out my weaves or braids (hardly do braid)
    • Wash hair wit shampoo(depends on what am doing) 2/3x
    • Condition wit conditioner of choice in towel dried hair
    • Wash out conditioner and towel dry hair
    • Apply leave in ( I use the ORS one after my relaxer)
    • Apply mousse
    • Roller set hair
    • After hair is dry, I apply virgin fertilizer on scalp n blue magic on hair (just a little to prevent weighing it down)
    • Style as desired
    • Moisturize and seal every evening
    • Usually do ponytails or tuck my hair in and secure wit bobby pins
Hardly straighten my hair and relax after 7weeks or more. I don't do my hair myself...only straighten it myself cos I hate how the hairdressers run the straightener over the hair so many times. Always direct the stylists how you want them to handle your hair cos u r paying for the service and it is your hair

What products do you use?

*ORS creamy aloe shampoo for my relaxers
*ORS uplifting shampoo for protein treatment days
*Dove shampoo
*v05 shampoos(haven't used dem yet)
*Head and shoulders shampoo

Deep Conditioners
*Silk elements moisturizing conditioner
*ORS hair mayo fr protein treatment
*ORS replenishing conditiner

Rinse out Conditioners
*Infusium conditioner
*V05 conditioner
Leave ins
*ORS elastic-i-tea
*Infusium 23

*Profectiv moisturizer
*ORS hairepair antibreakage creme


  • Use  dabur amla oil for prepoos or  mix it in my ORS hair mayonnaise
  • Virgin hair fertilizer on my scalp
  • Seal with  blue magic or ORS tea tree

Other products
  • Fantasia IC heat protectant serum
Any Advice for ladies on healthy hair journey in this part of the world?
Always direct the stylist on how you want them to handle your hair because you are paying for the service and its your hair!

Thanks, Michelle for sharing your journey with us.


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