Guest Post: My Hair Journey…….. The Begining


Let me introduce myself.  I am Miranisa, 18 years old and first year in the University of Ghana, and proudly on a healthy hair journey!
I officially started my journey in July 2013. I had TWA then. I had just gotten out of high school. I read several blogs, watched Youtube videos just searching for ways to grow my hair really long. All the blogs especially Ghlonghair and Ghanaianemprezz inspired me to not look for long hair but thicker, healthier hair. And so my journey began in July when I decided to relax my hair. My natural hair was so coily, untidy and it shed a lot when I combed, mainly because it was so tangled up together. And so I made myself a healthy hair regimen which mostly consisted;
  • Drink more water
  •  Massage scalp
  •  Moisturize
  •  Co-wash regularly
  •  Keep my scalp clean

I wasn’t ready to trim regularly and I figured that I am going to get a trim with every relaxer touch up. So I didn’t list it on my regimen.

so yeah, my healthy hair journey has begun. :)

Miranisa, our guest blogger, will be sharing her hair journey with us through her posts!
You can connect with Miranisa on Google plus 


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