My Current Products....Junkie?

--> Hi ladies, hope you are all faring well!Am in the 12th week after my last relaxer in July. I got some new products as I soon as I got home because time isn't on my side at all. I needed to get things done asap. I got me some Biotin and Skin, Hair and Nails vitamins. I'll be alternating them because the latter contains folic acid which is one of the vitaimins I ought to have in my system daily (Killing two birds with one stone). The Skin, Hair and Nails vitamins contains 3,000mcg biotin whilst the biotin is 5000mcg! I've been taking cod liver oil with evening primrose so my hair, skin and nails is very crucial. I might restock that more than the biotin- still thinking.

In addition,
*Creme of Nature detangling Shampoo (See my review video here)
*ORS aloe shampoo (for clarifying)

Deep Conditioners
*Kuza cholesterol (moisturizing treatment)
 *ORS replenishing conditioner. (Protein and moisturizing treatment)
*Queen Helene Cholesterol with Ginseng (protein treatment)
*Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor (protein treatment)
*Dark and lovely Ultra Cholesterol (See my review here)

* Suave naturals conditoner
*Suave almond and sheabutter conditioner
* Mane n' Tail conditioner
* VO5 conditioner
*Roux Porosity Control conditioner (See my review here)

Leave ins
** One Step Leave in
*Cantu Sheabutter leave in (see review here)
*Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 

*Vatika Amond oil
*Vatika Coconut oil (see my review video here)
*Olive oil
*Dark and lovely Amla legend billion hair potion
*Burdock oil (See how I made it here)
*Hemp oil

Apple Cider vinegar
Affirm Semi permanent black colour (See how I apply it here)

I don't have everything with me at home here- the others are at my new"home". These are the ones I recall; I'll update it if I've left out anything!

Wash day post will be up soon!

What are your current products?


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