My Experience With Henna; Will I Do It Again?

--> I've had this in mind for a while now and didn't want to say much till I was sure of my decision. I read Abibah of Naturallybeautifulgh post on her henna treatment and again, some words re-echoed  what I'd been thinking of!
After my henna, I loved the colour deposit. It felt good to have moved from my conservative self to an adventurous person; I wasn't hooked to the dark hair and I cared less about what others would think about the new reddish tone!
Fast forward to 5 months, I found out something in the most painful way.  Whilst the henna had softened my new growth back, making it manageable till relaxer day, it had also further softened my already relaxed hair!!!
Now, don't jump into conclusions about your henna use. My thin 4-5 inches had received more of the henna because I didn't focus on the roots; I wanted the reddish tone on the ends. My already straight hair had become too straight; much like overprocessed relaxed hair.
There are a lot of relaxed ladies who henna their hair frequently but haven't complained about this problem. To me, the fact that I have fine strands might be the reason for that reaction.
The next time I'll henna will be when am natural so I wouldn't mind a loose texture!!! I'll suggest that for relaxed ladies, you do a small part of the hair and wait for some time to see how the hair turns out.
Currently, I have some left over colour but that part of the hair is still thick as it didn't get a lot of henna. I'll do another cut next year till all that is gone; told you I'll be keeping the short cut for a while!
Stay tuned for more posts about my hair!


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