Natural Hair Wash Day and Trim!

For my sister, Damaris (see her feature here)

The wash day started on Friday; she shampooed and deep conditioned with dark and lovely ultra cholesterol. Yesterday, she rewet the hair since she wanted to get it flat ironed. It was also an opportunity to test my latest hair tool- Conair 3 in 1 blow dryer!

I put the hair into about 6 sections and blow dried one section at a time. For the flat ironing, I picked a bit of the hair at a time. Then, I noticed her ends were very rough and knotted. I brought out my cooool scissors- wish I had a video of the look on her face! She literally mourned throughout the flat iron and trim. Every trimmed piece that fell was met with Ohhh!, Ahh, Eiiii lol.
When I was done, her ends felt smooth and the hair was very soft!

I adviced her to get a trim at least every 6 months if she wants to prevent severe split ends.

How did your wash day go?


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