September In Review; October Goals!

I'm grateful for what you ladies have been doing for me. I appreciate your support as you visit the blog regularly. Hmmmmmm, new month, new goals? See my September goals here. I'll be discussing what worked or failed last month alongside this month's goals.

*My new tools haven't yet arrived so the wait continues. However, I'll be bringing my hooded dryer to my current place so I can roller set often. Bringing my flexi rods for that.
* Gave out the Elasta QP deep conditioner. Now, I forgot to purchase the ORS replenishing conditioner so am getting that this week. Bought Dark and Lovely cholesterol for temporary use but didn't like its performance at all!! Don't know why.
* I have Kuza now thanks to Stella of ghlonghair. I have a couple of deep conditioners in my amazon cart- next month purchases. Am getting 4 moisturizing deep conditioners! Yes, I've decided to be moisturizing deep conditioner junkie, from now till I feel ok.
* I'm getting Herbal Essences hello hydration condtioners for Co-washing-two bottles. One for each "home".
**My cantu sheabutter leave in and Hawaiian silky 14-in-1 are working well for me. Don't need oils too. Just an addition of sesame, almond and hemp oil.

* Exercised a lot in September and will do so whenever I can- there are days am too exhausted to move out.

* Took my multi vitamins and hoping to keep it up as well as add a new set to it to balance the supplements.

* Working on my papers:-) This hasn't been easy but am trusting God for divine wisdom and understanding to achieve my targets.

*If you didn't know, I cut more than 4 inches off my length! I don't have any plan for now; simply glad that I don't have thin ends. My usual wash routine continues. Will I maintan this length? Probably, I really care less right now about long hair. Seriously over the length thing because I surpassed my pre big chop length and know my hair can be long if I want it to be so.
* Flex sets during the week for October plus perm rod for weekend.

A lot of stuff, right? Let's see what the Lord will do. Stay blessed.


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