Wash Day @ 12 Weeks Post Relaxer

--> This wash went down in the night because I was feeling too tired from the trips I made on that Thursday.
  1. I started with using ORS aloe shampoo to clarify. September has taught me never to go for two weeks without clarifying since I use a lot of products during the week. I shampooed twice.
  2. Followed with Creme Of Nature Detangling shampoo
  3. Divided the hair into two parts, applied VO5 to one half and Suave naturals to the other. I wanted a side by side comparison of these two conditioners. I left the hair for about 2 minutes and rinsed. Verdict? VO5 certainly had more slip as my hands easily glided through the new growth. Am going to use the Suave naturals anyway and anyhow - waste not.
  4. T-shirt dried for 1 minute to reduce water quantity to allow better penetration of the deep conditioner.
  5. Applied Kuza and left it on whilst I took a shower.
  6. Rinsed, T-shirt dried, added One Step leave in and almond oil and did the hooded dryer air dry method.
  7. Next morning, I rewet the hair with water, put in flexi rods, sat under dryer for about 1 hour. I couldn't take pictures because I had to rush out of the house.


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