2013 Goals In Review!

This is a long post; get a mug of juice and enjoy!! A look at the regimen goals
  • Protective style with my own hair. I have to learn how to cornrow this year. Seriously! I can do a cornrow now though not neatly.
  •   Pre-poo before every wash whether overnight or with hooded dryer. When I get the dryer, I’ll pre-poo with it and do the overnight deep conditioning. Kept up with the pre-poo
  • Roller set or flexi rod instead of air drying more. I get very smooth hair when I roller set so I’ll stick to that when I purchase the hooded dryer. Failed! Didn’t do rollersets even with the hooded dryer I bought.
  •    Satin scarf EVERY night. I do use the satin scarf but not diligently so I’ll do my best to be consistent with it. Failed!
  •  Either deep condition twice a week or co-wash and deep condition once a week. Since I plan on continuing with the Dark n Lovely instant deep conditioners. I may use that as a co-wash and do a full wash once a week. What I mean is that you can leave it on for just 2 minutes as a normal conditioner or leave it on for 7 minutes for deep conditioning. Kept up with this successfully
  •   Add oils deep conditioner, which has proven very effective. Failed!
  • Relax at most 3 times in the year. I believe my 12 weeks stretches went pretty well so I can go for an additional 4 weeks but if this doesn’t work, I’ll stick to the 12. Passed!
  • Reduce my use of products with protein. As you can see form the previous post, most of my products are protein based and I’d prefer to balance it with moisturizing ones. Failed!
  •  Be more active on all my pages ie fb, twitter, pinterest and google plus so I can socialize better with you all!! Pass!
  • Length Goals: Make it to at least APL by the end of the year! Was almost there but cut off 6 inches this year so fail!

 Let’s go over products!
  • ORS Aloe shampoo (For clarifying before relaxer and neutralizing on relaxer days): I bought it and have been using it the whole year
  •  Sunsilk shampoo-didn’t try and won’t try it because I’ve lost interest
  •  Dove shampoo-didn’t try it and won’t try it because I’ve lost interest
  •  Herbal Essence conditioners-tried it; will definitely repurchase for co-washes
  • Garnier Fructis conditioner- didn’t try it but will be using their heat protectant
  •  L’Oreal conditioners-tried the elvive smoothing shampoo, loved it. Will definitely recommend it and possibly buy it to make my shampoos two; Crème of nature plus this one.
  • VO5 conditioners  (For detangling purposes and co-washing when stretching) used it and still using it and will be stocking it up at my shop
  •  Sunsilk conditioner-didn’t try and won’t try it. Simply not interested again
  •  Dove conditioner- too expensive for the size so no trying.
  • Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1-tried it, dislike it but will use up what I have. Currently using their leave in which is ok for me.
  •  S-Curl No Drip: tried it and will definitely purchase it again for leave in purposes.
I'll also add more oils to my current arsenal:

  • Amla oil: I have a post on the benefits of this oil. Didn't try and won’t try it
  • Vatika oil: tried the coconut oil, won’t repurchase. Love the almond oil, a keeper
  • JBCO-(already ordered)still using it, keeper
  •  Sesame oil; bought hemp oil instead so not getting the sesame
  •  Hair serum**not sure which one I'll get. Didn’t get it but will try an anti frizz one
Protein Deep conditioners

  • ORS hair mayonnaise (for stretching or relaxer day)didn’t buy. Ended up with kuza cholesterol and ORS replenishing conditioner
Moisturizing Deep Conditioners
  • Dark n Lovely Anti breakage healing treatment: tried it, not a keeper because it has protein
  •  Keracare humecto: tried it, loved it, definitely a keeper
  • Queen Helene Cholesterol: tried it, liked it. Won’t repurchase
  • Mizani Moisturefuse or Mizani Thermasmooth: had the opportunity to try it but didn’t because I found something better.
  •  Africa's Best Organics Olive Oil Deep Conditioner: didn’t try it because it has protein. Won’t try it
ORS Carrot oil: tried it, didn’t like it so not a keeper
Other products
 Aloe vera juice
 Hooded dryer: bought it but didn’t keep it. Might get another one depending how the year goes
 More rollerset or  flexi rods: did get rollers but gave them out. Won’t buy them including the flexi rods
Hair accessories: did get more but still need more
Over all, I didn't try a lot of the products and won't be trying them next year. See my 2014 goals tomorrow!


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