2014 Hair Goals/Plans

--> I know some will see it as being too early but I don't want to wait for another 4 weeks before I start working towards my new year's goals. After all, there's no break in the hair journey.  Am currently evaluating my regimen which hasn't been strict at all. However, there's going to be a massive change.
  1. The first thing I'll be diligent with is herbal rinses with EVERY wash including co-washing.
  2.  I'll  balance my protein based products with moisture ones. If I use protein deep conditioner, the leave will be moisture based. If I use moisturizing deep conditioner, leave in will be protein.
  3.  No more cheapie products in my stash. Cheap things have cost me more so am sticking to my ORS replenishing conditioner. I also have some 2 new deep conditioners (Kanechom Ceramidas and Pantene deep conditioner )and rinse out ones (Aussie moist conditioners) coming in which should be enough to take me through the year.
  4. Make sure I use coconut oil ALWAYS as a pre poo and visit my stylist at least 2x a month. I'll get a hooded dryer if I get to move into my own accommodation. My current accommodation won't permit it
  5. Steam every week; our voltage here blew the steamer's fuse the first time I used it but Secura company is giving me a "sort of " replacement
  6. Avoid sleeping with damp or wet hair as much as possible. I'll blow dry if need be. It means I might not co-wash at night.
  7. Trim once every 6 months. 
  8. Moisturize and seal twice daily. Alternate between oils and butter
  9. Use both satin cap and satin pillow case. My satin pillow case is ready; drop a comment if you want one
  10. Be diligent with my multi vitamins and exercises.
  11. Start and complete hair challenges. For the coming months, challenges will include; biotin and water challenge, A fruit a day challenge, hot oil treatment challenge, pray a day challenge, read a book challenge,  among others. Some of these challenges will run concurrently or be limited to my facebook followers/whatsapp group. 
If and when new ideas pop up, I'll share them with you. For now, these are the things I intend doing.


  • Get S-curl no drip for leave in purposes
  • Continue using motions moisture plus till the Aussie conditioner arrives
  • Stock up on keracare humecto and Creme of nature shampoo whenever I can
  • Use VO5 conditioner for detangling
  • Get L'Oreal Elvive smoothing conditioner to help curb frizz on wash days. Might also repurchase the shampoo to alternate with the Creme of nature so my hair doesn't get used to the latter.
You've realised am not too ambitious with products because am content with what I have now!Sticking to my no-buy in 2014 goal  as most the products am getting are simply those I'll be restocking. What are your plans?


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