Am Doing Too Much! Salt In Conditioner Method Fail!

--> I did another co-wash yesterday (see this week's co-washing here) . Yesterday, by chance, I came up a post that talked about cholesterols in general also containing protein; I thought it was only the Dark and lovely ultra cholesterol. Because I didn't any protein overload, I tried the salt in conditioner method. I tried the salt in conditioner method to reduce any increased protein I might have had with the use of the ORS replenishing conditioner and Kuza cholesterol.Well, the salt in conditioner didn't work!

The hair  felt rough so I grabbed a sample moisturizing treatment I was sent; left it on for an hour. My hair was as hard as stone!However, there wasn't anything I could do so I simply applied hemp+almond+coconut oil and slept. This morning, the hair didn't feel hard; it actually feels smooth but am going home to today so I will buy:
  1. Keracare leave in
  2. Keracare humecto (still have a bottle so might use it up. See my review here)
  3. CON intense conditioning treatment
All are moisture based treatments; am glad I've noticed that all these products might have given me a protein overload again. I didn't intend getting these items but I want my sanity so I'm going to put my "shopping list' on hold till next week. I also want to use the Cantu sheabutter only once a month since it contains a bit of protein and rather use the keracare leave in which I hear is a great product. Secondly, am giving out my kuza and dark and lovely cholesterol to my stylist in exchange for a free wash lol. I won't use them up as I planned. That means I have only two protein based products now; ORS replenishing conditioner and Aphogee 2 minutes which is comfortably lying in my drawer at home 1.

In all, I've learnt so much this year I don't want to risk any set back- the henna saga is enough! I'll also use my semi permanent black colour this weekend- not happy with the reddish ends.

Thanks for reading, drop in your advice and suggestions.


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