And The Light Shone...

on my hair.

There's one thing I've learnt from Nadege of relaxedhairhealth-don't wait for months to start working towards your goals-start as soon as you set them. So, am not waiting for the year to end before I implement my hair goals; am commencing them now! I've said I'm not buying anything hair related in 2014 except restocking stables and I'v started that now. With my current arsenal, I don't think I'll have any warfare with my hair, battles, yes. These two years have seen me grow from necklength to almost APL and back to necklength and it isn't funny when you loose interest in caring for your hair. Though my goals aren't up for you, I'm putting them into action. Who knows? I might achieve some of them before the year begins!

I'm gradually falling in love with my hair again but I'll cut a lot more of the hennaed ends off in my next touch up and continue cutting till all is off! 2014 won't be a year of hair experiment; it will be that of clothing experiments, footwear, Jewellery (not for work), hair accessories, make up and skin care. Most of these items won't be work related because my work ethics prohibit them but for special occasions and off work days, I'll show you what I have. Am channeling my investments into building a beautiful wardrobe for work and that is my main goal.

If I get to change jobs, that will be a plus as I wouldn't have to worry about getting new clothings. I don't get comfortable, I push myself all the time till I reach my goals. I believe I've reached my hair goals not in terms of length but knowing that my hair is such a minimalist. If you don't get to see a lot of hair reviews, don't be disappointed, I might do some bits and pieces of outfit of the day. Exciting, right? My hair goals for 2014 will be up on the 30th of November so I have December to completely prepare for the new year!

Yea, that's the light that is shinning.


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