Bought A New Leave In But...

it contains hydrolyzed wheat protein!!!! After watching several reviews and reading reviews on blogs about Keracare leave in, the one word that most people used was "moisturizing". So I went out to get it, walked out of the shop and decided to verify if indeed it was protein free- I was stunned, shocked, surprised and perplexed to find  the protein content again but refused to cry.
I'll will keep it at home since I'll be getting two bottles of humecto for use-one for home and the other for work place. Actually, it's a blessing in disguise in this way. I'll stick to the humecto though it's pricey and just be patient for  Aussie Insurance leave in which might arrive by January. Until then, I have hawaiian silky leave in conditioner which I got from a swap and its protein free. I can't think of any alternative until then.

What  moisturizing leave in conditioner do you use? 


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