Growing Back My Hair: 5 Basic Things To Do!

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  • Focus on retention; I want my hair to grow at its maximum potential and get back to APL by the end of July 2014. Yes, That's my target and I'll will do all it takes to get it there. Am on my biotin based vitamins and will be doing the inversion and T444Z challenges coming up in December. See here to register for the biotin challenge. As a result, retention is key to keeping all the growth I'll get.
  • Think and worry about my hair 5% of the time. To me, that means one thing- doing the simple things like wash days with few products (see this post), no co-washing unless I have no class the next morning or doing it early enough so I don't sleep with wet hair, sticking to 12 weeks stretch, more hair accessories.You get all the details in my 2014 hair goals. 
  • Keep up with moisture routine weekly including taking more water daily which I'm currently doing with other members on our whatsapp chat. Most of my washes will be only with moisture based products. My protein based products are enough to last me a whole year because I'll be using them sparingly. These are the ORS replenishing conditioner, Cantu sheabutter leave in cream, Kuza cholesterol, Keracare leave in, Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor and Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1. I'll be applying bits of the protein leave ins to the ends of the hair to keep it strengthened-something I learnt from Nadege of relaxedhairhealth
  • Avoid testing new products-though I must admit I have kanechom ceramidas, Aussie moist conditioner, Aussie leave in and Aussie deep conditioners already purchased. Aside the Kanechom, all the others are purely moisture based products so am cool with it. I don't intend trying new products from now onwards unless am doing a company's product review. I'll be sure to have by stables on standby should anything go wrong with those products. When I told hubby I wasn't buying new products, he knew I meant because for weeks now I haven't brought anything new home. In addition, haven seen my cut and attempts to get rid of the henna ends, he's more than convinced about my frustrations.
  • Protective styles with my own hair and less fancy styles. I mean all the styles I'll be wearing are those that will require less manipulation as to keep retention on point. Am not looking for beautiful alone; I want protected hair too!

Thanks for reading; leave your thoughts, suggestions, advice, and questions in the comment box.

What are your hair confessions?


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