Guest Post: What Is Your Transitioning Power?

By Maame.
So transitioning is not easy. All those people who make it seem so, it’s only because they’ve got magic, believe me. And the magic doesn’t make transitioning easy, mind you! It’s just to make others think it is. When I decided to transition, I didn’t really believe it was hard. I mean I acknowledged on a baser level but I didn’t think it would be so hard! Geez! The tangles! Those monsters! I have been tempted on so many occasions to snip at those ends (and I have snipped at a few spots here and there, lol). But I haven’t and I PERSEVERE for the following reasons;
One, I need those ends. After purposing in my heart to pay as little visits to the salon as possible, I needed some hair to practice my styling. I’m partial to flat twists and up do’s (I discovered) so in the 9 months I've been transitioning, I’ve practiced a lot. And I’m getting good! It’s exciting for me so yay! Lol!!!

Second, I don’t really care about the relaxed part. I mean I know I “need” it and I’m careful with it but I don’t care about it. So when it gets tangled and I have to cut (which doesn't happen often), I’m like “Nyeeh”. Certainly no love lost there. So yeah, my nonchalance about losing it helps me deal with it.

Lastly, and this is a build-up on the second reason, I dyed my hair. The day I had my last relaxer, I had it cut to ear length and the proceeded to dye it. I should not have done both on the same day. I didn't think it through a lot and the hairdresser either didn't know it wasn't safe or refused to advise me on just how reckless it was. Which is another major reason, I've cut them out of my hair care routine. So yeah, I dyed my hair and I’m not over it yet. I’m still enjoying it and I think it rocks (even though if I open my eyes really wide, it’s actually pretty normal)

Anyhow, transitioning is not easy but it’s so much fun. I particularly enjoy other people’s reactions to MY transition. All the questions, from the genuinely curious to the derisive ones, all of them. The barriers are more mental/social than physical. The tangles can get bad (okay, so monstrous) but they are not so much worse that the ones you hear the hair dressers TEAR through when they are washing your hair. It’s all how you handle and treat your hair. After my one TangleTorture episode, it has not happened again. I learned from that experience and my transition is easier (but still not easy! Lol)

So this is my story so far. A summary of it anyway. And I look forward to what the future holds. Later!

Maame will be sharing her journey with us on the blog. Stay tuned for more updates! Connect with her on  Google plus


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