Herbs In Ghana: Lime

Here are the several ways to use lime to treat your hair

  • For dandruff: cut lime into pieces and boil with dill seed (suva plant). Crush the two and massage into scalp. Wash off after thirty minutes (source:infolanka.com)
  • Mix few drops of lime juice to coconut oil and apply on the scalp to stop hair loss. You can f you are  you can apply a mixture of lime juice, coconut oil and gooseberry (amla) oil on your scalp and leave overnight. This will not only remove dandruff but is effective in treating any kind of eczema as well as soften your hair.
  • Adding coriander juice to this mixture can improve your hair texture. 
  • Applying a mixture of castor oil and lime juice can improve hair growth and provides you with rich, luxurious and healthy hair. 
  • lime juice can also be used for hair lightening. (source:stylecraze.com



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