How God Answered My Hair Prayer

If you believe in God, then you know he cares for us, especially women! (wink)

I'd never cared for how my hair looked until my husband noticed an attitude I'd cultivated with regard to the hair. I stopped combing, getting a wash, clipping etc. In fact, others at home had seen it but I cared less about my hair because I'd become fed up with it! Totally fed up!!! Somehow, my sweetheart told me plainly that my hair didn't look good at all! Then, a few days later, I asked God to make my hair beautiful because I hated the current state. I used to pray for long hair after I cut off everything in 2004 and within 2 years, my hair had become what I considered long! So when  I got a prompting about using my internet since I had obtained all my research info from Google, I reached for a modem and googled how to care for relaxed hair. That gave birth to my own healthy hair

Not all men would do that for fear of how the lady would react. I think I'll do a full post on my husband and his relationship with my hair!

I appreciate the wisdom God gave me at that moment and I know He still cares about my hair. Therefore, I've  started praying about the hair again- that it will thrive and flourish.


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