Is Biotin Working For Me?

I posted my biotin based products a month ago and even though I didn't take before pictures, I hoped to notice a difference in the length!First of all, I had 2 biotin based products; Nature's Way Hair, Skin and Nails and Nature's Way biotin. The former contains 3000mcg biotin whilst the latter has 5000 mcg biotin.

The Hair Skin and Nails is 3x a day but smells awful! Within a week, I stopped taking it and stuck to the pure biotin which is 1x a day. This is taken with food too.
Image result for Nature's Way Hair, Skin and NailsAlright, to the effect. When I cut off that much length about 6 weeks ago, I could put my hair into a tiny ponytail with some major fly aways. I started the biotin  2 weeks after the cut, then I got twists for another  2 weeks. So for a month now, I've been taking it almost everyday. After I took down the twists, I didn't feel excited because I couldn't notice any increase in length! However, as soon as I started detangling, I saw that the hair was becoming a huge afro lol yet, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get a decent ponytail with only a month of biotin. Wrong!!!!
My ponytail fitted into my clip with a little fly away at the nape and sides of the ear. Yea, I'd  to gain more than 1 inch of growth in order to get such a full ponytail again which is exactly what biotin did! Am able to roll and tuck again without hairs sticking out, it's now easy to put up the hair.
Simply put, BIOTIN IS WORKING!!! I might do a biotin challenge for 2014!


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