Moisture And More Moisture!!

  1. I went for a conditioner wash at Rose's and she used suave conditioner
  2. Followed up with Motions moisture plus conditioner( Will have to use this myself in order to judge it well)
  3. Covered with processing cap for 5 minutes
  4. Rinsed and deep conditioned under hooded dryer with keracare humecto for 15 minutes
  5.  Allowed hair to cool,rinsed, added Hawaiian silky leave in and rollerset.
My strategy is to use protein based products sparingly. This means probably once in 5 weeks. I'll follow a moisture treatment with protein leave in or Use a protein treatment followed by a moisture leave in. S-curl worked great as a leave in (though not as a moisturizer) so am going back to it. That solves my current moisture leave in brohahaI'll also be using the salon for my wash days till the year ends; hoping my accommodation will be ready by then so I get to use my hooded dryer there( if I buy it).

Am also going to avoid using watery products on my hair if it's not wash day; ORS intense moisture will be my moisturizer. I want to preserve the smoothness of the hair after rollersets and wet hair hasn't been great in the mornings.

I bet you won't be hearing my complaints again! Minimalism is my motto now in the strictest sense.
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