My Hair After Relaxer

--> Now it's the time to go into the details of my relaxer update. See my July relaxer update here. My observations concerning this relaxer:
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  • Not using a comb to smooth the relaxer through the hair was one of the BEST decisions I've made so far. Though I hadn't tried a no lye relaxer before, I still ventured to try what had been on my mind. I'm quite pleased the texture I had so I'll keep getting my relaxers that way.
  • The front of my hair processed faster than the back though the stylist started at the back. For the next one, I'll get her to smoothen the back more.
  • My hair feels dry at the roots and I believe it's because I need to chelate to get rid of the calcium deposit from the no lye
  • I've fallen in love wjth my hair again! This time round, I'm going the 'military" way with my hair. I'll share my "killer" regimen I've started following
  1. Moisturize and seal twice a daily or thrice if need be; the harmattan has started and as with last year, I want to see no breakage whatsoever. My spray bottle mix
  2. Change to washing in sections. I do moisturize and seal in sections so am applying the same technique to full or co-wash
  3. Use up my hair spray mix by the end of this month; don't want it going bad as I don't have any essential oil in it. If I do get some essential oils in it, that could last me 2-3 months of use.
My wash day post will be up tomorrow
Which essential oils don't tingle?
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